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Dear Denny Island community,
A lot has happened since we received news of "$1.5 million awarded to Denny Island water" back in March. The DI water system project engineers came, performed some tests, and took their data away to digest and prepare in a manner that is easy to share.

They will be here to do so next Tuesday evening, June 5. Along with Central Coast Regional District (CCRD) staff, they invite Denny Island residents and businesses to come out for a Wine&Cheese Meet&Greet and a roundtable-style discussion on the proposed Denny Island water system:

Is it possible? What would it look like? How would it work? How would it be managed? What are the options? How much would they cost? All this and much more next Tuesday, June 5, 6pm at the Community Hall.

Click here for event details and program. 
Come along: This is your community. This could be your water. Learn the facts; listen to the figures. Share your thoughts; have your say. 

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