Welcome to Denny Island

Gateway to the Great Bear Rainforest
and the Central Coast of British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia’s Central Coast has the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest and is home to coastal wolves, grizzlies, black bears, eagles and the Kermode 'Spirit Bear'. 

Denny Island is a prime wilderness destination offering ocean kayaking, wildlife viewing, bird watching, diving, cruising and some of the best sport fishing around! Click here for a map of roads and trails, get current weather conditions here, and take a look at the harbour through the live webcam here.

What's Here?

Denny Island is a vibrant coastal community and home to approximately 100 residents. There are many services on the Island, including a grocery store, liquor store, post office, laundromat/public showers, gift store, hair salon, marina, shipyard, marine/hardware store, fuel dock, restaurant, pub, B&Bs and cabin rentals, a hotel, campground and RV park, and several general contracting businesses (see our Services page).

The Royal Canadian Air Force chose the Shearwater site on Denny Island as a reconnaissance base during World War II.  The base was built to accommodate over 2,000 military personnel, although there was never more than 1,000 stationed there at any one time.

Denny Island has a paved landing strip and a protected float base, and is only a short distance (2 nautical miles) from Bella Bella (Waglisla), located on Campbell Island.  A regular sea-bus service connects the communities of Denny Island and Bella Bella. 

The Denny Island website is sponsored by the Central Coast Chamber of Commerce

Photos by Ian McAllister/Pacific Wild